How Park Home Improvements Enlivened Our Party Spirits?

We had our majestic house at a county of Alabama. Our house was big but the lane in front of our house was narrow. After our wedding my husband Martin loved to party at our house inviting all our friends and colleagues. We had shifted to Alabama after our wedding in Los Angeles. Martin loved to party and every weekend for us was a new adventure. We had a small pool at the backyard of our house where we often arranged pool parties at weekends during the summer. Although we hardly had any space in the front of the house, yet our house had enough space in the backyard for arranging the party. The only problem we faced was car parking of the guests. Our neighbors were not much co-operative and they created a ruckus if ever any car was parked near their house.

Problem With Car Parking

We had a small garage but only two cars could be kept in it. Some of our friends declined to come as there was no space for car parking. We had to limit the get together and pool parties at our house as most of our friends and colleagues did not want to come for the party because of the parking problem. We started to visit the house of other friends for the weekends. But Martin thought that this cannot be the permanent solution as all our relatives and friends will come to our house for the thanksgiving ceremony after a couple of months. He was worried that if the problem related to parking was not solved then it would be impossible for us to host the Thanksgiving ceremony.

Car Parking Ideas

We came across a home improvement company online who offered car park home improvements service. Without any delay, Martin got in touch with them. They visited our house in the next week to plan for the car parking. We did not have any clue about the idea of parking in such a small place and we decided to take suggestion from them. The engineers of the home improvements team gave us excellent ideas which we had never thought of. They suggested that we can arrange for underground car parking which will be under our house or we can arrange for roof-top car parking. They also suggested that they can arrange for car parking at the side lane of our house which led to the backyard near the pool. The space was too narrow but they assured us that they can arrange it for keeping four cars on both the sides.


The work of car park home improvements started in a couple of weeks and it was completed by the Thanksgiving ceremony in our house. The work was impressively done in at affordable rates with innovative ideas on space management. Our guests appreciated the whole idea and all the cars could fit perfectly in the side-alley of our house. We decided that we can again start the weekend parties at our home without any interference of the neighbors in parking-related issues.

How We Fulfilled The Dream Of Our Kids With Park Home Improvements?

My kids always wanted to shift to a big house where there could be enough space and the provision for making a garden with a park. My non-identical twins, Rick and Amy had different fantasies about a big house with a park. Amy is fond of colorful flowers and wanted a swing sitting on which she can rise above the flower beds. Rick on the other hand, wanted a see-saw, a slide and enough green vegetation of grass where he can play football. Both of them often drifted into their world of fantasy with a majestic house and a park which will have a trampoline and they will giggle together while bouncing on it.

Our Green Home

My husband, Ethan wanted to transform the dream of our children to reality and we were searching for such a house in Atlanta. It was difficult to get a house with all the desirable features. Our real estate agents were not able to find such a house in the neighborhood we preferred. We knew that we would have to negotiate with one feature or another while buying the house. At last we bought a big house with ample space all around where we can make a park just as our kids have imagined it to be. Ethan had also planned for a swimming pool beside the park where we could enjoy pool parties in the summer. But being new at Atlanta, we did not know any park home improvements service provider.

Prompt Response

When Ethan narrated the idea of a personal park for our children to our neighbor, he suggested us to go through the website of a reputed home improvements service provider who have earned reputation for green home improvements and undertake the making of parks as a part of their green home improvements. I contacted with the team of home improvements via email and I thought that I would be getting a reply after a week but to my surprise the next day I got a call from the team and they visited us after a few hours of the call to provide an estimate of the cost.

Affordable Cost

We thought that the making of the park would incur high cost and we did not have much funds left with us after buying the majestic house. Ethan decided that we will take the quotes from them and we will ask them to start the project later. But we were surprised to find that they provided us the quote for park home improvements at affordable rates. Ethan decided that we can start the project from the next week and our kids were ecstatic with the idea. Each day they would come to use with their new and bizarre ideas of the park. The work started after a week and it took only a couple of months to complete the entire project.


The joy of Rick and Amy knew no bounds after they saw their completed park. Ethan had arranged for a small party that day and our guests were also enthralled by the work of park home improvements.

Park Home Improvements Offered a Safe Haven for My Kids to Play

I live in Brookings with my kids Martha, John and George along with my husband Ryan. We shifted in this house almost five years back when Martha was 3 years old while John was only a toddler. Almost three years back we welcomed George in our family. Martha and John had made friends in the neighborhood as they grew up and I could not give much attention to their whereabouts during their vacations after George was born. During the summer vacations it was impossible to lock Martha and John at home as they always wanted to play around with the kids of the neighborhood.

Our concern to keep our kids safe

We had enough place for Martha and John to play within the yard of our house but they never wanted to play there because of the rocky surface. When John was 5 years old, met with a small accident while he playing in the lane. He would have been run over by the car if the driver hadn’t been cautious. We decided that we will not allow our kids to play out and George may also want to go out to play with his siblings. Ryan and I were worried about how to keep our kids safe and make them find interest at home.

The idea of a park and a cubby house

A week later, I took Martha to her friend’s birthday where she saw cubby house in a small private park of her friend. She was enthralled with the whole idea of a miniature house and a park in the yard. I thought that it would be the best idea to keep my kids safe within the yard of our house. That night I discussed the idea with my husband Ryan who seemed to appreciate the idea. The next day I scrolled through the names of the various home improvements company and found the best company among them which offered park home improvements services. I contacted with them giving the whole description of the yard along with the measurements. They asked us to take permit for making the cubby house along with the park from the government officials.

Home improvement project

We got the permit after the thorough examination of the plot where the cubby house along with a small park was to be built. We did not face much problem for getting the permit as we had chosen a reputed home improvements company. The work for the park and the cubby house started in a few weeks after we got the permit. My kids were already too interested in the park home improvements project and they did not want to go out of the yard for playing; rather they made up plans to invite their friends to play in the park and the cubby house. Ryan decided to install a patio so that even we can enjoy watching our children play in the park.

To conclude

The park home improvements were completed in a few weeks and my kids were safe in the park and in their cubby house.

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